If you are looking for a FUN and THRILLING activity which requires no previous experience then you should definitely give Ringos a go!!! Ringos are massive inflatable rings which you can slide down the slope in. You can be Spun, Linked to each other, go backwards, make Trains and Race your Friends. Ringo are a great idea for any PARTY or TEAM building activity. It is a very Sociable activity which will bond you and your friends together!!! it's FUN, SAFE, ADDICTIVE and suitable for all ages!!!

Ringos has been hugely popular activity and is suitable for ages above 4 years. The activity requires no skill, just lots of energy to get back up the hill for that next run.

Minimum age of 4 years to ride, all riders MUST wear closed shoes, NO sandals, flip flops, Crocs or high heels , and must wear long sleeved clothing and gloves.

Ringos sessions need to be pre booked so please give us a quick call before making a long trip; we wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed.

Ringos are not available at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions

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